Rifle factory

When Swedish weapons production takes off in the late 1600s, hydropower is needed to handle certain mechanical operations. Husqvarna’s first plant is located at the waterfall in Huskvarna in Southern Sweden. At the beginning of the 1700s, this State-owned rifle factory has some 1,000 employees. The last shotgun made at this facility is produced in 1989.

Sewing machines

The new machinery for producing rifles turns out to be well suited for manufacturing sewing machines. Sewing machines is produced until operations are divested in 1997. Today we are licensing the brand to SVP Worldwide.

Kitchen equipment

The first grey iron foundry is established and in addition to sewing machines, Husqvarna produces kitchen equipment in cast iron such as meat grinders and later, stoves and ovens. Husqvarna’s meat grinders are a huge export success with over 12 million exported worldwide.


The bicycle era kicks off in the factory and Husqvarna bicycles become very popular. Many patents are registered and bicycles are produced until 1962. Today we are licensing the brand to Pierer Mobility AG.


The production of motorcycles gives Husqvarna a worldwide reputation and the company’s lightweight yet powerful engines are used in some of the most successful track racing and motocross bikes in history. The operation is divested in 1987. Today we are licensing the brand to Pierer Mobility AG.

Lawn mowers

When Norrahammars Ironworks, Sweden, is acquired the product range expands to include boilers and lawn mowers. This acquisition turns out to be the first step in the Group’s current focus on outdoor products. The first lawn mower powered by an engine is produced in 1946.


As demand for bicycles, mopeds and motorcycles declines, forestry becomes increasingly important in Sweden. Husqvarna’s expertise in engines is now utilized in new product areas and 1959 marks the start of production of chainsaws.

Power cutters

Husqvarna’s first power cutter is a redesigned saw.


1969年,Husqvarna的磨破的第一家公司ld to launch a chainsaw with an integrated anti-vibration system. Ergonomics has been important ever since.

Sweden's first female board member

Lil Wettergren is elected to the Husqvarna Board of Directors and becomes the first female board member in Sweden.

Power products in focus

Electrolux acquires Husqvarna and outdoor product operations continue to expand through organic growth and acquisitions such as AB Partner and Jonsereds AB. Power products now include chainsaws, motorcycles, lawn mowers and power cutting machines.

Strengthened positions in the US

During the 1980's organic growth and acquisitions expand Husqvarna’s operations in the lawn and garden segments. Two major acquisitions, Poulan/Weed Eater and Roper Corp, now complement Husqvarna’s product range.

Robotic lawn mower

Husqvarna Group pioneers the world’s first solar-powered robotic lawn mower. Within only 15 years, sales take off, making the robotic lawn mower a great success story.

Diamond tools

When Diamant Boart International is acquired, Husqvarna’s construction business doubles in size and becomes a world leader in its segment.

On our own feet

Husqvarna becomes independent again and is listed on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm.

Expansion in watering and in Japan

Acquisitions of Gardena, Zenoah and Klippo bring strong brands, complementary products and geographic expansion.

Expanded presence in China

Husqvarna expands production in China through the acquisition of the Jenn Feng operation and the construction of a new plant for chainsaws and other handheld products.

Demolition robot

The first remote-controlled demolition robot is launched.

Saw chain production

A new production facility for manufacturing chainsaw chains opens in Huskvarna.

Gardena Smart System

Husqvarna Group takes the next step in sustainable gardening by launching Gardena Smart System – a new irrigation system that allows you to optimize the watering of your garden.

First Solar Powered Facility

Husqvarna Group’s switches on our first solar powered facility in Nashville. It is expected to reduce CO2 footprint by approximately 1,000 tons in the first year of operation and approximately 25,000 tons over the expected 25 year life of the facility.

New Generation Chainsaw

The next generation of professional chainsaws is launched. It is geared to deliver chainsaws with outstanding productivity, durability and reliability while staying true to our Husqvarna heritage and providing high ergonomics and safety. The saws are manufactured in the same factory where our chainsaw history began in 1959.

New Husqvarna Automower

Husqvarna Group launches a game changing robotic lawnmower for homeowners with challenging lawns and connected homes. It manages a rough terrain and slopes with an incline of up to 70%.